MDC Automatic Electro Plating Line

MDC Automatic Electro Plating Line for shaft and hollow cylinders max. width 2400mm, max circumference 1405mm YOC: 2005 Consisting of: 3x copper baths 1x alkaline copper bath 1x degreasing Automatic crane, control panel and storage area including cylinder carriage, in very good condition If you are interested please contact us for more information and price […]

Summer Sale: Hand stroboscopes

Summer Sale: Hand stroboscopes On purchases of our hand stroboscopes we will grant a special discount of 5 %. This offer is valid for purchase orders we receive until 15th August 2021. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Floor marking tape

Floor marking tapeExtra strong, flexible, efficient Floor and safety marking tapes for markings of trafic areas, lanes as well as areas of potential risk and storage locations. Please send us your enquiry!